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Annual Report


  • From the Desk of the President
  • Foreword by the Secretary
  • Brief History of the Organization
    1. Mission / Vision / Objectives / Operational Area
  • Human Resources :
    1. Organogram
  • Awareness Programme:
  • Skill Training Programme:
  • Marketing Programme:
  • Participation in melas, exhibitions, fairs
  • Establishment of Outlets

  • Health Programme:
  • SHG Formation:
  • CSR Projects:
  • Vocational Training Programme:
  • Artisan Development Programme:
  • Federation Development Programme:
  • Cluster Development Programme:
  • Production unit:
  • Children Programme:
  • Micro-finance Programme:
  • Acknowledgement

From the Desk of the President:

I am happy to present the Annual Report for the year ended March 2015. The year has been eventful and I am glad to state that Kalighat Society for Development Facilitation (KSDF) has stood firm in its commitment towards attaining its objectives.

Social problems remain firmly rooted in the community. Women are marginalized, whatever be the color of their skin and country to which they belong. Over the years, however, a subtle difference is being observed. There are stories of successful women who have reached the upper rungs of corporate hierarchy, of successful women entrepreneurs, of other women who have climbed to the top of their respective careers and vocation. We learn about them almost every day.

However, there is another section of the population where deprivation is rampant, day-to-day existence is a nightmare and people belonging to this community struggle to provide 2 square meals a day to their families. Despite these odds, KSDF has continued in its journey to mitigate the sufferings of these people.

This has been made possible because of constant support from our well-wishers, patrons and different Government initiatives. We hope to receive such encouragement from all of you in the years to come so that KSDF remains motivated to work for the development of the down trodden.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very bright and prosperous future. With the help of your backing, we intend to make KSDF a strong and viable organization.

bharabi mukhopadhyay


Foreword by the Secretary:

I am thankful to the President of Kalighat Society for Development Facilitation for the formal release of the Annual Report of the organization for the year ended March 2015. It has been an eventful year during which the Society has undertaken a number of steps towards alleviating the sufferings of the poor people.

Target people for whom the Society works for belong to are extremely poor and poor category of people. You would have come to learn about their plight from the statement issued by the President of the Society. It has always been our intention to see that sufferings of such poor families are mitigated.

Foreword by the Secretary:

Children from home-less families, destitute living in squalor, families living in dire straits has always moved KSDF. Whenever I visit the inhabitants of slums, Pavements and other such areas, I am invariably moved by their plight. It has always been my dream to make these people self-reliant and self sustaining. To this end, Kalighat Society for Development Facilitation has been involved in taking care of children of poor parents who work on daily wages, providing vocational, skill, design & technical training for women who are interested in augmenting their family’s income, providing tiny finances for working capital required for developing their miniature enterprises and marketing support.

We have had a wonderful and fruitful year; KSDF had got a continuous marketing order from Govt. and Corporate as well as open an outlet at Kalighat with the support of National Jute Board.

I personally thank all our patrons, well-wishers, supportive organizations and last but not the least the employees of the organization for their tireless efforts and encouragement. KSDF would not have been what it is today without the support it received from all quarters.

We are sure that KSDF will receive your compassion in the years to come so that the organization becomes strong and stable to help the poor community fight poverty.


(Gitanjali Satapathy)
Secretary, KSDF

Brief History of the Organization:

KALIGHAT SOCIETY FOR DEVELOPMENT FACILITATION (KSDF) originated from a coaching center, where some street children of Kalighat area used to attend. Emphasis was given to pay special attention and care towards these children. So the mothers were mentally free to go for work to meet their livelihood.

Gitanjali Satapathy, the founder of the organization visualized the pathetic condition of the slum children. The children had no opportunity for education due to their abject condition. The founder took steps to help the poor women to get alternative source of income for their economic development resulting in better education opportunity for their children. This forward looking vision of the founder towards these poor women and children showed the way to start an innovative initiative for them.

She started a coaching center during 1997 with four children and it gradually developed to a state level organization for development activities spread over 5 districts of West Bengal.

During 1998 focus was given to further expand the coaching classes to include nearby slum areas. The initiator took necessary steps to gather books and educational materials and give them to the children so that they could study at home. Care was taken to see that frequent visits were made to the homes of these children to build up a relation with their families.

In 1999 “Mahila Milan”, a self help group was formed with 10 women and KSDF started working with them for their economic upliftment. A tailoring machine was purchased out of the money saved by these women. A home based training cum production unit was set up.

The year 2000 was the turning point of the organization and the concept of thrift was introduced for the first time among target poor women. The objective of this initiation was to give these women a lesson in financial literacy. Such learning’s would help the participants in creating wealth for the families to cope with their financial needs. The concept was shared with the members and around 250 poor women came forward to join the thrift program. After 6 to 8 months, inter-lending activities were started out of their saved money.

Gitanjali Satapathy shared her experiences with some experts and started to think how the entire scheme could be formalized to work with more underprivileged women. The result of these consultations and discussions was the creation of called KALIGHAT SOCIETY FOR DEVELOPMENT FACILITATION (KSDF). This was formally formed in July 2001 and was registered under the Society registration Act 1961.

Presently there are 75000 women members of SHGs linked with the organization, who dare to dream of a bright future and KSDF is helping them to reach towards this dream. The social and economic development of women and children encouraged the organization to establish more branches in various places at districts of West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand for reaching out to more number of target women.


Kalighat Society for Development Facilitation is committed to create a healthy environment for the total growth and development of the people belonging to under privileged communities giving special emphasis towards women, children, youths, old aged, poor people from lower economic strata and minority communities, so they can avail opportunities and scopes to attain modern socio-economic & technological advancement in rural and urban areas.


Kalighat Society for Development Facilitation was established to reach out to under- privileged people including urban poor, slum dwellers, pavement dwellers, rural & tribal poor, destitute women and children to improve their socio- economic conditions through Skill & Vocational Training, Basic education, Market linkage, Insurance coverage, Micro-Finance and other social development activities. The organization has bring 1 lakh poor families in its outreach by the end of financial year 2016 for their all round development.


  • Economic empowerment through additional income and employment opportunities in land and non-land based livelihoods in order to protect them from distress conditions, migration and trafficking.
  • Improving credit worthiness and ability to access bank credits;
  • Capacity Building for value addition and market access to most of their agricultural, horticultural and handicraft products;
  • Improving access and control over resources, especially land and natural resources.
  • Lobby and Advocacy for reforms in policies and laws which adversely affect the poor including those of the WTO and others.
  • Enhancing access to information, self-governance, social security, collective strength and bargaining power;
  • Development of appropriate technologies, organization of trainings and demonstrations;
  • Providing opportunities for women to increase their self-confidence and exposure to bring them out of exploitative relationships;
  • Undertake education and health programs for deprived areas;
  • Conservation of bio-diversity, traditional seeds, knowledge system and protection of Environment.
  • To study & understand the socio-economic, cultural & environmental condition of urban and rural poor and take necessary appropriate measures for improving their quality of life.
  • To facilitate a process to form / make alliance with people’s organization such as women’s groups, slum dwellers association, federations etc for acceleration of the development process in the communities.
  • To empower women, children, disabled & aged for their economic enhancement, establish their dignity and restore their rights in the society be taking up different educational & socio-economic development programme.
  • To have development project for Livelihood, education, health, sanitation, environmental, capacity building, Welfare & rehabilitation, promote art & crafts,  Saving & credit activities and raise fund for the said purpose by the way of grant / borrowing/donation from government , non government organizations based in the country and abroad.

Human Resources


Brief History of the Organization:

Name of Districts / State Name of Blocks / Municipality / Corporation No of Village/ Ward covered
North 24 Parganas / West Bengal Sandeshkhali I & II, Hasnabad. Barasat, Madhyamgram, Bidhan Nagar 159
Kolkata /West Bengal Kolkata Municipal Corporation 37
South 24 Parganas / West Bengal Budge Budge- I, Thakurpukur, Maheshtala, Bishnupur I & II 71
Birbhum / West Bengal Shriniketan 13
Cuttack / Odisha Cuttack Sadar 21
Dhenkanal / Odisha Hindol, Gondia, Odapada 16
Jaisinghpur/Odisha Jaisinghpur 17
Ramgarh / Jharkhand Patratu 10
East Singbhum/Jharkhand Jamshedpur 03


Annual General Meeting of Kalighat Society for Development Facilitation was held today on 5th August, 2015. Mrs. Rina Ghosh, the Vice-president of the organization presided over the meeting.
The Annual Progress Report of 2014-15 was read out among the present members.

The Members,
Kalighat Society for Development Facilitation (KSDF)

I take the pleasure to welcome you all in this Annual General Meeting of your Organization. On behalf of the Executive Committee I would like to convey their regards for your active participation and cooperation in the day-to day activities of the organization. I am proud to share the following activities of KSDF performed in the FY 2014-15.

a. Awareness Programme– to educate and aware community people 7 Camps on health & hygienic, HIV& AIDS, education Environment & Health Sanitation, Women Empowerment,Labour,Consumer,Handicraft,Capacity building and Adolescence girl child have been organized in different operational area successfully.

b. Trainings – Total 438 persons have been trained through different training programs like Vocational, Design Development, EDP, MDP, skill Development Programmes & Integrated Design & Technical Development Project. Organization has also arranged training program on Computer (Basic & DTP) for the children of the poor community at Rasopunja Branch, Thakurpukur & covering slum areas of Kalighat. The detail of the trainings are as follows:

Name of scheme



No. of trainees

Supported by

EDP for  SC

Different trades

Kalighat, WB




Management & IT

Kalighat, WB



Design Development training

Jute Product

Boyermari, WB



Vocational Training

Computer Training

Thakurpukur unit, WB



Vocational Training

Computer Training

Kalighat unit, WB



Vocational Training

House Keeping

Kalighat, WB



Vocational Training

Jute, Handmade Paper, Artificial Jewelry

Budgebudge, WB



Design Development Training

Zardousi items

Metiabruz, WB



Design Development Training

Handmade Paper items

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


Tata Steel Ltd

Design Development Training

Jute Products

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


Tata Steel Ltd

Design Development Training

Artificial Jewelry

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


Tata Steel Ltd

Integrated Design & Technical Development Project

Jute Diversified Project

Dadhibamanpur, Cuttack


DC (Handicrafts)

c. We have had a wonderful and fruitful year; KSDF had got a continuous marketing order from Govt. and Corporate as well as open an outlet at Kalighat with the support of National Jute Board.

d. Health Check-up – 2 Health Check up camps has been organized during the year through which 278 poor community people treated.

e. SHG formation - KSDF has been working with different Nationalized Banks including National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) since last few years. This year KSDF successfully formed 225 Self Help Groups with 162 saving linkages and 162 nos. credit linkage with different nationalized bank.

f. KSDF has successfully managed to work on livelihood promotion under Corporate Social Responsibilities schemes of different Corporate during the year 2014-15,viz:
i. CESC at Budge Budge and Metiabruz, WB and
ii. Tata Steel, Jamshedpur Jharkhand

g. Organization has already been registered as an empanelled Training provider with Society for Self Employment of Unemployed Youth (SSEUY) Govt. of West Bengal. This year KSDF has organized one Vocational Training on House Keeping for 20 vocal women from slums of Kalighat areas.

h. KSDF linked with DIC (South & North) 24 Parganas for development of artisan at Rasopunja Block, Thakurpukur and Barrackpore.

i. Sandeshkhali Mahila Silpi Association (SMSA): The Federation of women artisans which was Registered in 2010, has been continuing its activities related to production, marketing, social development, empowerment aspects of women, maintaining of accounts of SHGs and production. This year total production has

reache d to Rs. 16.17 lakh and achieved sales of Rs.21.57 lakh. Employment generation for 1514 artisans has been ensured during the year.

j. Another Jute based Cluster activities has been continuing under the support of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) at Thakurpukur 24 Pgs (South) area. Total 35 SHGs have been formed from number of meetings/FGDs within 5 Kms areas.

k. This year KSDF has been setting up of Jute based Handmade made paper production unit at Sandeshkhali area 24 Pgs (N) with financial support from NABARD. Necessary factory shade is being constructed at the project site, required machineries are being manufactured. Required project staffs have already been selected and are being trained at one handmade paper production unit at Kolkata.

l. To ensure preliminary education of the children of red light areas at Kalighat & the children of working mothers of other communities, KSDF School for Needy has simultaneously been running in 6 areas successfully ensuring nutrition, health, basic education and cultural activities.

m. Annual Sports meet has been organized by KSDF School for Needy children with 150 children from these schools.

n. Micro-Finance & Women Empowerment: Towards the commitment of enhancing scale of economy and social status of poor & helpless women KSDF has provided finance to 7610 women’s for their economic development during FY 2014-15. However I express my sincere gratitude to our friends, well-wishers and patrons for their continuous and active support and cooperation.
I would like to take this privilege of conveying my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the sponsors, donors and all the organizations attached with the same activities.
Again I would like to convey my gratitude to all the Board and Staff Members of the Organization for their benevolent assistance in performing the regular activities for the year 2014-15. Thanking you all.


(Gitanjali Satapathy)
Secretary, KSDF
Dated: 5th August, 2015
Place: KSDF Head Office
57/A, Gurupada Halder Road, Kolkata 700026.